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 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor for a Custom Home Build

Custom home builds require expertise and attention to detail. Choosing the right contractor for your new custom home build, in Thomasville and elsewhere, is a huge decision. In fact, it is a decision with which you have to live. Fortunately, choosing the right contractor is not as hard as you might suspect. Let’s look at four top tips for choosing a contractor for a new custom home build. 

1.Do Some ResearchThe right contractor for your custom home is one with plenty of experience. You should be able to research online and find an up-to-date website for the contractor featuring a photo gallery of real homes the company has built. Any contractor without a presence on the Web should raise red flags. If the work is good, the contractor should be more than willing to show it off. 

2.Email the Home BuilderChoosing a home builder is a lot like hiring an employee. The process starts with a feeler email. Use the contact info on the contractor’s website to reach out to the company with a brief description of your proposed project. You do not need to go into lengthy detail to establish whether the contractor can handle the type of project you need completed. Anybody who fails to reply to you in a timely, professional manner is unlikely to be a good fit. This initial interaction will help you determine how responsive the contractor might be over the course of completing the project. 

3.Meet Face to FaceOnce you have received a good response, arrange to meet the prospective contractor. There is no better way to get to know someone’s character than to talk with them face-to-face. When meeting with a contractor, ask plenty of questions and carefully listen to the answers. If the rapport is great, then you will feel a lot more comfortable moving ahead with the project. 

4.Don’t Let Price Put You OffIn the construction industry, as in any other area of modern life, you get what you pay for. Low-rate contractors, unfortunately, often provide sub-par work. Quality craftsmanship should necessarily carry with it a realistic price tag. Don’t let a bargain-basement contractor ruin the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Choose a contractor that fits both your budget and your vision for your custom home. 

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